top 10 apps for jailbreak iphone
You can use wonderful and useful apps with extra features on your Jailbroken phone. After you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with apps such as Unc0ver or any other jailbreak tool you should also install Cydia on the device. Cydia offers you a variety of jailbreak apps that you can install on your device. It is a free package manager allowing you to install tweaks and apps not allowed by Apple on your device. We can give you a list of the best apps for the Jailbroken phone. Discover and download those best Jailbreak apps.

Succession App

succession app
This app allows you to remove and revert all changes made to the device and return it to stock iOS software without updating to a recent version of iOS. It is very similar to Cydia Eraser. The tool will delete all data on the device unless you enable only restore system data in settings. It displays some basic device information such as Model, installed iOS version, and iOS Build of the device. Further, you can also use this free Jailbreak tool to uninstall Cydia from the phone. It can automatically download the right IPSW file for your iOS system and mount/sync the DMG file. The restoring process is simple. Succession App will run resync to replace any changed files

on your filesystem with the ones in the DMG. Finally, the Succession app executes Erase all content and setting command. This restores the iOS firmware without updating the device. You can jailbreak your device after the restoration. The IPSW downloader and extractor supports iOS 8.0+. Download an IPSW for your device and extract the root filesystem DMG.


snapback app
SnapBack app allows you to create a Snapshot of the drive file system. It uses the extra feature of Apple’s APFS filesystem. A snapshot is a point-in-time representation of a volume. When you take the snapshot each file within that snapshot will be available to recover even if you delete the file.

This app allows you to jump back to the moment after you created a root snapshot as long as you can jailbreak. The original root snapshot is org-fs. They make it before you jailbreak the first time. If not, it is the snapshot that Apple made when you updated your OS.

Fliza App

filza app
This app for iOS 13 manages your files on jailbroken devices. This is one of the most downloaded apps from Cydia. Apple will not let you access your iOS file system, customize it even though they allow you to do it on the mac with a finder. This app gives you the ability to explore your file system and do many things with the files. You can download it using the TweakBox and IPA file. This app is full of features. You can view all the following file types on your iPhone or iPad with the Fliza app.

  • Movies
  • Text
  • Sound
  • Images
  • Microsoft Files
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Web Archive
  • Compressed formats

On your software and multimedia files, you can  do following things.

  • Move and rename them.
  • Edit text and property lists like configuration files.
  • Copy and paste.
  • Pack and unpack compressed files.
  • Add files to your iPod Library.
  • Get .deb files onto your device.

It supports SMB (Windows File Sharing)  and cloud services such as  Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, WebDAV, FTP or SFTP. Fliza App is a powerful File manager.

iCleaner Pro

icleaner pro
This app is an iOS system cleaner and optimizer. It offers a lot of useful features. It allows you to remove unnecessary files from your iPhone, manage Cydia Substrate Addons, Launch Daemons, delete additional languages, and more. You can use this app to remove unused languages, keyboards, voice control languages, definition dictionaries, retina @2x and @3x images, non-retina images, wallpapers, reset preferences of Cydia tweaks, and more.

ReProvision App

reprovision app
This is a free Jailbreak iPhone  tool to sign IPA files. This app doesn’t require a developer account. If you need to use an app- specific password to sign into an app not provided by Apple, install the Cydia app and forget about revokes. It is one of the most recommend app to install from Cydia. It works with the latest iOS 13. It has many features.

  • Re-signing of locally provisioned applications.
  • Saving of your Apple ID login details.
  • 3D Touch menu integration to manually re-sign from the Home screen.
  • Installing of IPA files through safari and other applications.

AudioRecorder XS

audiorecorder xs
This app is the best Jailbreak audio call recorder for iOS 12. It offers many features to record audio on any Apple device. It can records calls from any Call kit services, including voice memos from iPhone microphone, and any sound coming from the device.

Screenshot App

screenshot app
This app lets you to create an iPhone mockup with a screenshot from the selected file. It has many features as following.

  • Create custom scenes to create your screenshot in a proper environment.
  • Set dual iPhone images.
  • Render full resolution images.
  • Use single multiple colored iPhone mockups. (1080*1080 px)

Each mockup offers  an option to add brightness on the iPhone. You can blur the background layer.

Zebra App

This is a basic package manager. It offers all features you need to download. It is fast. They have designed it to work on iOS 8 up to iOS 13. You can install it for free from the official Cydia Repository. This app is a great Cydia alternative app available for iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can do various activities from it.

  • Adding alternative sources.
  • View available packages and upgrades.
  • Adding tweaks to Wishlist.
  • Manage stores.
  • Search for apps and tweaks.

This app offers more and more features with every next release.

iTorrent App

itorrent app

This app offers many options as following.

  • Download BitTorrent files from URL and magnet links.
  • Enable background downloading and seeding.
  • Set download and upload limits.
  • Pause, stop, and resume downloads.

The native iOS torrent client includes tracker editor, an option to review and select BitTorrent files to download, check transfer data including connected seeders and peers, download progress, file sizes, or even automatically upload downloaded files to a selected FTP server.


This app allows you to record screen in portrait, Landscape (Home button to Left), Landscape (Home button to right), and portrait (Upside Down) orientation. AirShou Broadcast option is not working anymore but you can still use the app to record tutorials, gameplay, or anything else you like on your iOS device. The app records sound in stereo, video up to 1080p in 60 frames, and it doesn’t require a jailbreak to work.